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Masonic Freemasonry - Set of 3 Wood and Leather Bookmarks - Custom Personalized VOSL Bible Accessory for Men

Masonic Freemasonry - Set of 3 Wood and Leather Bookmarks - Custom Personalized VOSL Bible Accessory for Men

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Masonic Bookmarks Freemasonry Accessories Wood Leather Personalized VOSL Bible Gifts for Men

Introducing our exclusive set of three luxury bookmarks, specially designed for use in the Holy Bible or Volume of Sacred Law (VOSL) during lodge ceremonies.

Crafted with precision, each bookmark features the symbolic Square and Compasses that represent the three degrees of a symbolic lodge: Entered Apprentice (EA), Fellow Craft (FC), and Master Mason (MM). These bookmarks not only serve as exceptional bookmarks for the lodge but also help the Senior Deacon to easily navigate and find the correct page in the VOSL, and remember the proper orientation of the Square and Compass during each degree.

We have meticulously laser-engraved the King James Version of the Bible verses related to each degree into each bookmark, along with the Book, Chapter, and Verse numbers.

Made from natural leather or leatherette and permanently attached to a sturdy wooden backer, our bookmarks are built to last. The quick reference jewel at the top of each compass, color-coded for each degree (Red for Entered Apprentice, Blue for Fellow Craft, and Purple for Master Mason), adds a touch of elegance and makes identification effortless.

Customize your set by choosing your preferred leather or leatherette color for each bookmark, or opt for all three in the same color. Elevate your lodge ceremonies with our luxury set of three bookmarks, meticulously crafted to the highest standards.

The natural leather is locally sourced, and only the finest 4/5 ounce veg-tan leather is used. The other options use "leatherette, " an artificial leather. This synthetic leather is durable and is still covered in a protective coating.

If you choose a leather/leatherette color from the drop-down menu, all of them will be the same color. If you choose "Multiple Colors", please let me know in the Personalization Section, which colors you would like for each.


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