Friends of the Maker's Hands Workshop

Below is a thoughtfully curated compilation of establishments and merchandise that come highly recommended by the owner of the Maker's Hands Workshop. Each one of these shops and products is owned and operated by a Brother Freemason or a close friend.



Owned by a personal friend and member of my family, Doug. He is a former Airman, firefighter, investigator, and public safety officer. This man knows his stuff, and I am proud to support him! His laser work is superb and he is an amazing marksman!


Owned by the same friend as TheSCLaserEngraver. 

Fossil Bluff

From the About Me section: "Continuing your legacy and mythology through our thoughtfully crafted collection is what sets Fossil Bluff apart from other mass market and drop-ship retailers. We truly endeavor to provide our like-minded clientele with items that carry with them an intrinsic feeling of heritage, legacy, mystery, and quality."

Fraternal Ties

From the About Us section: To support our family and to inspire our customers by sharing stories of our journey and by creating Fraternal arts, crafts and various Masonic merchandise that are inspirational and relatable to Freemasons from all walks of life. Operated by Husband and Wife with their 4 kids. Our designer, Bro. J. Paul Gomez from Doric Lodge No. 316 in Toronto, have over 20 years of graphics design background. As the current W.M. of his lodge; and having being immersed into Freemasonry since mid-90's as a DeMolay; he carries with him a wealth of Masonic knowledge that permeates through his work.

Cane Maker F&AM

or visit them on TikTok at Cane Maker, F&AM.


or visit them on Instagram at #SKRPGear.

The businesses listed above are independent entities and are not affiliated with, endorse, or endorsed by the Maker's Hands Workshop. The inclusion of these businesses in the curated list does not imply any form of endorsement or partnership. The list is provided solely for informational purposes and to offer recommendations based on the owner's personal preferences. Users are encouraged to exercise their own discretion and judgment when engaging with these businesses. The Maker's Hands Workshop assumes no responsibility or liability for any interactions, transactions, or experiences that may occur between individuals and the listed businesses.