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The Maker's Hands Workshop

The 24 Inch Gauge - Masonic Working Tools - Freemasonry Gift and Decor

The 24 Inch Gauge - Masonic Working Tools - Freemasonry Gift and Decor

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Entered Apprentice Working Tools Mason Freemason

Introducing the first in the Masonic Working Tools product line from The Maker's Hands Workshop and the epitome of Masonic craftsmanship - the 24-Inch Gauge Masonic Working Tool. This exquisite working tool is the perfect companion for every Mason, be it a newly initiated Entered Apprentice or a long-standing member of the Craft.

Crafted with precision in the USA, this 24-Inch Gauge is made out of the finest quality Red Oak wood, inlaid with Poplar for the inch demarcations, and laser engraved to perfection. The four small hinges located between the eight-hour segments allow for easy storage and transportation.

Divided into three 8-inch segments, each representing the responsibilities of a Mason, this gauge is a testament to the importance of discipline, hard work, and duty in Masonry. The Tung Oil finish adds a layer of sophistication and durability, ensuring that this gauge will be cherished for years to come.

Add a touch of elegance and tradition to your lodge with the 24-Inch Gauge Masonic Working Tool. It is a symbol of excellence that embodies the values of Masonry and stands as a testament to the commitment and dedication of its members. It is truly a work of art that is sure to impress and inspire all those who behold it.

If you would like your Lodge's name and number, important dates, or names added to the back of the 24-Inch Gauge, just let us know in the Personalization Section.


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